K-Dubb Productions
Recording studio -  Hayward, CA 

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Professional vocal recording studio services offered in Hayward. Specialize in Rap and R&B production. Also commercials, jingles, podcasts, and voice overs.  Many services available including vocal recording, mixing, mastering, beat production, complete album services, talent mgmt, and publishing.

The space is plush, cozy, and comfortable with seating, drinks, and snacks for recording guests. I use Reaper as my main recording platform run on a robust Windows 10 system, and a suite of software for vocal processing, mixing, and mastering. Vocals are recorded on a Hulk 990 mic by MJE in a custom, purpose-built sound booth to capture your voice with impeccable clarity.

I work with lots of new and first-time artists who have never been to a studio before, and will help get your feet wet in the booth and help you get comfortable performing at your best.

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vocal recording


SPECIAL! $140/4-hours

--Bring your instrumental/beat(s) in MP3 or WAV, as a full export or trackout stems

--Record on the unique Hulk 990 mic

--Beautiful, warm space to accommodate all types of vocal artists

--Includes light mixing (if time permits):  basic compression, eq, and reverb presets, basic buss compression and limiting for export.

--Auto-tune abilities while recording (by request)

mixing and mastering

$75 up to 15 stems 

($150 for 30 stems, etc)

--Detailed compression/EQ/reverb, automation, debreath/de-ess, saturation, stem editing, compression/limiting for color and tone and match overall album levels.  

--Delay, stutter, sample effects as requested.  

--Mastering included

--Alternate mixes available upon request (radio, a capella, etc)  -  $10 each additional  

--Unlimited revisions


Single = $100 (1 song)
Album = $200 (up to 15 songs)

--Copyright (you must own the beats)
--ASCAP songs registration** (ascap profile required, $75 additional if you need one)*
--Online and CD distribution (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, etc)***

*ASCAP is required for royalty collection
**Works published under K-Dubb Productions
***Artwork not provided, please have your artwork ready