K-Dubb Productions
Recording studio -  Hayward, CA 

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Who is K-Dubb?

K-Dubb Productions was originally a rap group (K.W.P.) that formed in 1997 based in Hayward, CA.  Still here in my hometown today, now open for business as a quality and affordable recording and mixing studio.

Who is this guy?

Hey, I go by Dirty Boy when I rap, but everyone knows me simply as Dave.  I'm the owner of K-Dubb Productions and am the man at the controls.  I'm originally a rap artist turned producer, and now a self-taught engineer here to help get people access to production services.  I worked as VP of PAP from 2009 - 2012, and still claim and promote that affiliation.  Now, I owe all of my knowledge and style to a couple of key peeps who I've watched and learned from over the years, in the old home studios, the new home studios, the real studios, and even on the road. 

The Work

I've been working with digital audio workstations (DAWs)  a long time, since the day FruityLoops launched in the late 90s, piecing together bits to make a "home studio" with people singing in the bedroom.  I have used many platforms, including ProTools, Cubase, Acid and Abelton, but my current and preferable DAW is Reaper.  Although I'm not an engineer by trade, I have worked "in the box" for decades and know how to use audio tools correctly to shape sound at each stage of the production process, from recording to mixing, to mastering.  Since I specialize in vocal recording, I have additional equipment to help shape a great sound right at the recording stage before it gets into the DAW.